Manufacturing Capability

Our company have built a 100-acre manufacturing industrial park to ensure the production of large-scale equipment. The existing processing and manufacturing team consists of nearly 200 people. There are processing equipments and devices including high-precision water cutting equipment, CNC machine tools, large-scale cylinder lathes, plasma cutting machines, boring machines, lathes, double housing planer, large spheronizator, edge planer, automatic submerged-arc welding machine, argon arc welding machine, electric welding machine, heat treatment furnace and detecting instruments including laser detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, large X-ray flaw detector, rough set inspection machine,which can meet the company's equipment processing, welding, testing need. According to the characteristics of non-standard products, the company has established a concept for production and manufacturing and established a complete quality assurance system. The idea of lean production (LP) runs through the production management of the company. It designed special processing tools and molds and forms a unique processing and assembly & forming process especially for the competitive products (such as internal heated fluidized bed dryers, steam rotary dryers) of the company.