Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Granulation&Drying Equipment

This technology adopts a spray granulation fluidized bed dryer as the mainframe of anhydrous calcium chloride granulation and drying system.

The calcium chloride solution enters the primary scrubber, where it contacts with the dry exhaust gas, the temperature rises, the dust is absorbed, and the concentration increases. The concentrated and heated calcium chloride solution is sent to the buffer tank through the primary washing pump. The calcium chloride solution in the buffer tank is compressed and sent to the atomizing component of the fluidized bed dryer by the atomizing pump. After the calcium chloride solution is atomized by the nozzle, it enters the fluidized bed dryer, the atomized droplets directly contact with the seed crystal particles in the dryer, are coated and aggregated on the surface of the seed crystal. The moisture in the droplets quickly evaporates under the action of high-temperature air, while the solid calcium chloride adheres to the seed crystal and slowly grows, eventually forming calcium chloride particles. The dried calcium chloride particles are discharged from the tail of the fluidized bed dryer and lifted into the rotary sieving machine through the bucket elevator. The sieved qualified particles enter the cooling drum, and the cooled calcium chloride particles are sent to the subsequent packaging system, the fine particles and the coarse particles after crushing are transported to the fluidized bed dryer through the return screw as seed crystals.

Technological Characteristics:   

1. Stable Operation of The System  

(1) The feeding port is equipped with a vibrating feeder to make the wet material fall into the fluidized bed evenly and prevent the material from piling up and the discharge port is also equipped with a structure to prevent the blocky material from piling up.

(2) Reasonable air chamber structure is designed, each air chamber inlet pipe is equipped with air volume regulating butterfly valve to ensure a reasonable air volume ratio and fluidization speed. Adopts compound air distribution plate, effectively prevent material leakage, and because of adopting sideward air structure, can make the material continuously and stably move to the discharge port, timely discharge blocky material.

(3) The upper shell adopts an extended segment structure, which effectively reduces the dust entrainment in the tail gas, reduces the pressure of the dust removal system, and at the same time controls the reasonable inlet and outlet air temperature to prevent condensation and moisture absorption of materials.

(4) Reasonable washing water drainage structure, in the equipment maintenance and cleaning, can effectively prevent the washing water backflow.

(5) Specially designed spray type and spray device, make the spray gun not block easily and the product particle size uniform.

(6) Well-designed material returning process, ensures the stability of seed crystal quantity in the fluidized bed.

2. Save Energy  

(1) The system blower and induced draught fan adopt variable frequency motor, which can be adjusted according to different working conditions.

(2) Heat recovery and utilization of exhaust gas. Use dilute calcium chloride solution as the washing liquid of the primary scrubber, not only recovers the calcium chloride particles in the exhaust gas, but also recovers the heat of the exhaust gas, which reduces the energy consumption of evaporation and concentration of the dilute calcium chloride solution.

3. Good Operating Environment  

(1) The material inlet and outlet adopt negative pressure to prevent material leakage.

(2) Adopt multistage high efficiency dust removal, exhaust gas emission reaches the standard.

(3) Low operating noise.

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