China's Drying Standard Goes to the World

Recently Shandong Tianli Energy has delivered a batch of fluidized bed dryer equipment. This batch of equipment will go abroad. It is the first benchmark project for our country to participate in the construction of a non-oil and gas project in the Saudi Gulf region. This is also another major achievement of Chinese standard going globally. 

On February 2, the "Saudi Arabia InoChem Soda Ash&Calcium Chloride Project" undertaken by Tianli Energy delivered the first batch of equipment. A full 24 trucks loaded goods with technology and expectations will be shipped overseas. It is expected that the second batch of goods will be delivered in April this year. In the industrial zone in eastern Saudi Arabia, a process plant with an annual output of 300,000 tons of soda ash and 300,000 tons of calcium chloride and supporting public auxiliary projects will be built. The total contract amount is 390 million US dollars. Tianli Energy is responsible for the technical output of the core unit of the fluidized bed dryer.

All equipment and materials of the InoChem Soda Ash&Calcium Chloride Project adopt Chinese standards and are made in China. The successful signing of this project is another major achievement in technology-driven exports of domestic equipment and materials, and it is also a positive response to the national "One Belt One Road" initiative.  A demonstration plant will be established in Saudi Arabia, which is also the first benchmarking project of a non-oil and gas project in the Saudi Gulf region, which will greatly promote the local soda ash and calcium chloride.