Molecular Sieve Calcination Equipment

Molecular sieve material refers to a crystalline aluminosilicate material. It is also called saturated zeolite or zeolite. The crystal structure has regular and uniform pores, and the pore size is on the order of molecular size. Because it only allows molecules with a diameter smaller than the pore size to enter, it can screen the molecules in the mixture according to size, so it is called molecular sieve. Molecular sieve materials can be used as solid adsorbents in the chemical industry, and can also be used for drying, purification, separation and recovery of gases or liquids or as cracking catalysts in the petroleum refining industry. Molecular sieve catalyst materials suitable for different catalytic processes have been developed.

There are two kinds of molecular sieve zeolite materials: natural zeolite and synthetic zeolite. Among them, the preparation process of synthetic zeolite is as follows: raw material mixing ---- granulation ---- sieving --- drying --- calcination --- packaging, in which calcination is a crucial technical link of the whole process. The dried molecular sieve will be put into the calciner for calcination to obtain the finished molecular sieve.

The Rotary Calciner of Shandong Tianli Energy Co., Ltd. is the ideal choice for molecular sieve calcination equipment.

The rotary calciner is a kind of high-temperature treatment equipment which is transformed on the basis of the traditional rotary drum dryer, by changing its heat source supply method. The material enters into the rotary drum of the calciner through the feeder. An arch-shaped heating device (built kiln body) is set outside the middle section of rotary drum. The furnace is equipped with fuel burners or electric heating elements. The FBT (furnace box temperature)is adjusted by the burner flame or the current of the electric heating element which is controlled by the automatic control system , so that the material is calcined at a certain temperature, and the calcination time can be controlled by adjusting the rotation speed of the rotary drum. The processed material is discharged from the lower end by the inclination of the rotary drum.

The Rotary Calciner of Shandong Tianli Energy has the following technical characteristics:

1. Good sealing effect, the unique sealing structure of Tianli Energy ensures that the system does not leak materials and the gas inside the calciner does not leak out.

2. The equipment has a compact structure and can dry powder and granular materials at the same time, with little material loss.

3. Extremely-low amount of exhaust gas emission, low material entrainment, low investment of the dust removal system , low energy consumption.

4. Automatic and segmented setting temperature control,  over-temperature alarm, long life of furnace lining.

5. The temperature of each heating group of furnace is evenly distributed , and the temperature control accuracy is ≤ ± 5 ℃.

6. Heat transfer efficiency> 99%, good thermal insulation performance, the temperature rise of the calciner surface does not exceed 50 ℃.

7. The heating furnace adopts split structure, which is sealed with high temperature sealing material, which is convenient for transportation and installation.

8. High degree of automation, only one operator is required to conduct regular inspection on site, and the rest is automatically controlled by PLC.

9. Integration of drying and cooling, and the finished product can be directly packaged.

10. Good working environment, high safety, accidental power failure protection system, low maintenance frequency.

In addition to catalyst calcination technology, Tianli Energy also has rich engineering experience in catalyst spray drying technology, molecular sieve flash drying technology and molecular sieve calcination technology.

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