Tianli Energy Signs Contract for India's CPVC Drying Package Project

Recently, Shandong Tianli Energy signed a CPVC fluidized bed drying system supply contract with a petrochemical company in India.

This project is another overseas project of Tianli Energy following the 300,000 tons/year soda ash and 300,000 tons/year calcium chloride projects in Saudi Arabia and the pyrolysis project of waste lithium batteries in South Korea this year. Under the current epidemic situation, the company's overseas business still maintains a good momentum, and it continues to sign new engineering projects.

Tianli Energy has a complete set of technologies related to this CPVC production and provides core equipment. The overseas project signed this time adopts internal heated fluidized bed drying technology, which has low energy consumption, high automation, stable operation and reliable product quality.

Tianli Energy is a professional company engaged in drying technology and related upstream and downstream engineering. It has Class B engineering design qualifications in the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as pressure vessel design and manufacturing qualifications. The company has many complete sets of technologies and successful engineering cases in the industries of PVC, CPVC, CPE, adipic acid, ABS, amino acids, protein, salt, and environmental protection.