Established in October 1994, Shandong Tianli Energy Co., Ltd. is a company directly controlled by the Shandong Academy of Sciences. Tianli Energy takes energy-saving drying engineering technology as the core business and energy-saving and environmental protection industry as the development direction, focuses on technology R&D and engineering realization of green and efficient use of energy. We are a high-tech enterprise that provides specialized and customized engineering of complete sets of equipment and technical services for drying, evaporation, calcination, pyrolysis, such as clean production, emission reduction and waste reutilization treatment for power, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical and building materials industries.

According to the company's development strategy, the organization structure of “one institute and five centers” has been set up: design institute, domestic business center, international business center, engineering technology research center, product realization center, management center, the platforms of scientific research, industry, and public service have been established.



Our company is the President of China General Machinery Association Drying Branch and Leader of Drying Professional Group of CIESC. We are one of the few domestic manufacturers that can compete with internationally renowned enterprises. In addition to developing our own technical capabilities, our company also organize various academic activities in the industry and standardize the promotion of brand building. We have been rated as“Key High-Tech Enterprise of China Torch Program”,“Excellent Enterprise of Petrochemical Industry”, “High-Tech Enterprise of Shandong Province”, and “Enterprise that Observes Contracts and Keeps Promises of Shandong Province”, “Brand Cultivation Pilot Enterprises of Machinery Industry in 2015”and “Top 100 Enterprise in Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection of Shandong Province in 2015”. 

Our company is the supporting company of “Shandong Key Laboratory for Energy Saving Technology of Drying Process”, “Shandong Research Center for Advanced Energy-saving and Drying Engineering Technology”, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, “Sino-Polish Drying Technology Cooperation Research Center of Shandong Province”, Shandong Energy-saving Drying Technology Research and Promotion Center, Shandong Province Energy Conservation research institute of the Dry Engineering and Equipment Industry Design Center and “Ultra-clean Emission Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Academy of Sciences.”We have established a scientific research platform integrating Shandong Taishan Scholars and academician expert workstations. We have an engineering laboratory of 3,000 square meters. It can provide users with relevant materials processing and disposal test, and provide reliable basis for equipment selection, system optimization design and commissioning. It is the main test base for drying, energy saving and environmental protection technology and equipment in China.


People are the company's first resource. "We value science and value people more " is the core concept of Tianli. Tianli has a highly educated team which is expert-like, learning and cooperative, which is mainly composed of doctors, masters and bachelors. It has 253 employees, including 5 doctors,62 masters,1 person enjoys the title of Taishan Industry Leading Talent,5 researchers, 17 senior engineers and associate researchers, 41 engineers and assistant researchers. At the same time, Tianli has a team of closely related social resources, and employs renown experts and professors at home and abroad as the chief experts or academic committee members of the company's research direction. The integration strategy of team construction,platform construction, and development direction is implemented, which provides a broad space for development of Tianli talent team.


As a technology-based company, scientific research and development is the support of the company's development. Tianli has completed 50 projects such as the “863 Program”, the national key program of“Ninth Five-Year Plan”, international science and technology cooperation special projects, independent innovation and achievements transformation project of Shandong Province. The research and development results win 1 Chinese Patent Excellence Award, 1 Outstanding Achievement Award of National Key Science and Technology Research Project of the Ninth Five-Year Plan, 1 First Prize, 2 Second Prize and 2 Third Prize of Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award,1 Shandong Provincial Government Energy Conservation Award, 1 Shandong Provincial Patent Award, 1 First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association. The company has obtained 158 patents, including 87 invention patents. It has published industrial standards and related books and 5 monographs of dry industry. The completed “Efficiency Limit Value and Energy Efficiency Rating of Dryer Energy ” is enrolled in the national drying industry standard.

Over the years, the company has developed a series of competitive leading products in the fields of steam rotary, fluidized bed, roller, air flow, etc. The company provides special equipment for chemical, fodder, environmental protection, building materials and other industries, and undertakes more than 2,300 drying projects. These technologies and equipment are energy efficient and replace imported products, which drives technological progress of the entire industry. The complete drying and conveying system of adipic acid for one branch of PetroChina is domestic initiative in China and replaces imported products. It provides Shandong Haihua Group with the largest domestic internal heated fluidized bed dryer with a weight of 180 tons and a height of 18 meters, which is the main equipment of the calcination/drying system for sodium carbonate. It has a low  initial investment and low operating cost, which has reached international advanced level and monopolized the market in soda industry. It provides a gypsum calcination/cooling complete project for a mining group in Shandong. The steam rotary calcining machine has a diameter of 3 meters, a length of 30 meters and a weight of 270 tons. It operates at the same time with an equipment from Germany. It has low investment and can be used as an alternative for imports. It developed a steam rotary dryer with a diameter of 4 meters and a length of 48 meters, which is a major equipment localization project supported by the state.