Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Granule

According to the different concentration of calcium liquid using different atomization process, especially the high concentration of calcium liquid granulation, has formed a mature process package and engineering application, can greatly reduce the production cost.

The air enters into the bottom of Fluid bed dryer after heated by heater and passes through the air distributor to contact with the material, so that the material is fluidized. Calcium chloride solution is sent to the atomizing nozzle by the pressure pump, and then coated on the surface of the fluidized particles after atomization or make the particles bonded with each other. After continuous fluidization, coating and drying, the particles grow up gradually, and discharge from the discharge port of the dryer after reaching the required granularity. The fine powder produced by fluidization and atomization is recovered by the cyclone separator and rejoined into the spray granulation Fluid bed dryer to become the core of new particles, which can realize the balance of the number of particles in the dryer. After the exhaust gas passes through the cyclone separator, it is discharged through the induced draft fan to the Wet scrubber to remove the dust.