Calcium chloride dihydrate flake - steam rotary dryer

Aiming at the characteristics of fluidized bed drying technology with large amount of tail gas, high steam consumption and electricity consumption, Tianli has introduced steam rotary drying technology. Calcium chloride enters the rotary dryer after being cooled and flaked, then the material goes through the shell side, and the steam goes through the tube side. The material and steam exchange heat indirectly through the wall of heat exchange pipe, the heat required for drying is provided by steam, and there is no need for fluidized drying hot air, so the amount of drying exhaust gas is small. After the drying of calcium chloride is completed, it is cooled down by rotary drum to the temperature suitable for packing. The system is equipped with a dehumidifying induced draft fan, no blower is needed, and the installed power is small.

The wet calcium chloride raw material from the cooling flake process is sent to the Fluid bed dryer through the conveying equipment, and the wet material is kept fluidized under the action of hot air and dried into products. The waste air enters the cyclone dust collector through the pipeline to collect the dust, and the exhaust air enters the wet dust collector for secondary purification and then is discharged through the induced draft fan.