Dense Soda Ash

According to the actual needs of the owner, two calcining processes of high and low bed layer can be selected. The calcination process of high and low bed layers has been successfully applied in engineering.

Heavy ash high bed fluidized calcining bed calcination process is developed by Tianli. The monohydrate alkali enters the premixer through the unloading valve, mixes with the returning alkali in the premixer and then enters the energy-saving fluidized calcination/cooling bed. The monohydrate alkali entering the Fluid bed dryer is in contact with the hot air above the air cloth plate, and the alkali particles are suspended in the air stream, forming fluidization. Most of the heat required for material dehydration is provided by the heat exchanger, and the evaporation of water in the material is taken away by the drying medium. Under the action of drying medium, the material enters the Fluid bed dryer cooling area after drying, and the cooling water and cooling air together provide the cold volume to cool the material down to a certain temperature, and then discharged through the discharge port and enter the next process. The waste air discharged from the Fluid bed dryer enters the cyclone dust collector and bag dust collector through the pipeline in turn, the dust is collected and discharged, and the exhaust air is discharged through the induced draft fan.