Engineering Design

Taking engineering design and technical services as the core, and engineering general contracting as the development direction ,the company is a high-tech enterprises focusing on building materials, power, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical and other fields of engineering and technical services. Professional commitment to the cement industry (including lime production line, aggregate production line, concrete mixing station, etc.), engineering design, bidding procurement, project management, engineering construction, production commissioning, production management, equipment maintenance, etc. of the production line supplemented by metallurgy, chemical industry and food industry.


Engineering  Consultancy


The engineering consulting business is an important part of the engineering services of Tianli Design Institute. It can be engaged in preliminary consulting work including chemical, coal chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, petrochemical, light industry, building materials, medicine and other industries, and it is able to provide customers with project planning, pre-plan, project proposal, project application report, feasibility study report and technical consultation services. Over the years, Tianli has been committed to providing fair, scientific, and high-quality technical and economic consulting services to the owners.


Engineering Design


Engineering design is the core unit of the important strategic business of the design institute. The company has Grade B in the chemical and petrochemical pharmaceutical industry, Grade B in the building materials industry (new building materials engineering), Grade B design qualification certificate in the metallurgical industry (metal smelting engineering), qualification in pressure vessel design, and qualification for GC pressure piping design. After years of technical reserve and technology development, it has strong design execution, design management and design service capabilities, and is able to undertake project development research, technology transformation, process package engineering, engineering design, procurement service, on-site service, etc. in chemical, coal chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, petrochemical, light industry, building materials, pharmaceutical and other industries.


Project Management and EPC


Project management and general contracting business are important strategic directions of the design institute. Relying on the company's strong engineering design strength and core equipment processing capabilities, we will expand and strengthen project management and engineering general contracting services.