Catalyst spray drying


This system uses a pressure spray tower as the drying host. The catalyst from the higher stage process passes through the feed pump and the high pressure pump, enters the spray dryer by the spray gun device, is atomized into fine droplets by the atomizer, contact with the thermal process gas in the dryer and finishheat and mass transfer processes. The droplets become fine powder and most of the products go through the discharge valve to the next process. The exhaust of the dryer enters the cyclone dust collector for gas-solid separation, and the collected finished material also passes through the discharge valve and enters the next process.

Technical innovation:

1. The nozzle structure is simple and easy to use and maintain.

2. The spray gun can be replaced online to achieve continuous operation of the system.

3. The atomization power is small and the running cost is low.

4. The product has a hollow spherical shape, large particle size, good solubility and fluidity.

5. An inspection port is provided in the upper and middle sections of the tower for easier inspection, cleaning and overhaul.

6. Adopt automatic control technology, effectively control the temperature inside the tower to ensure material quality.

7. The top of the tower body and the straight cylinder are arced, and the inner wall is polished. The polishing precision is Ra0.8 and there is no dead angle.

8. The cone part of the main tower is designed with a pneumatic jar, which periodically hits the inner wall of the cone, so that the material adsorbed in the cone part can slide down to the lower part of the cone in time, and the hitting frequency of the jar can be adjusted.

9. About 30~50% of the dry exhaust gas from the cyclone dust collector is reused and re-entered into the spray dryer for recycling after returning to the heat source system through the circulating fan for waste heat utilization, reducing the energy consumption of the spray drying process by more than 15%.


Process flow chart: 

Successful cases: 

No.Company NameEquipmentSpecificationQTY.
1Sinopec Nanjing Engineering Co., Ltd.Spray Dryer¢70001set
2Yantai Wanhua GroupSpray Dryer¢50001set
3Weihai Baidesin New Material Co., Ltd.Spray Dryer¢38001set