Anode mud paddle drying



It adopts the internationally advanced hollow paddle dryer for drying of high viscosity sludge materials such as anode mud, molybdenum powder, OG mud and urban sludge. The technical feature is conductive heat transfer, high thermal efficiency, good self-cleaning function of the heat transfer surface and the drying and cooling can be combined together.

Technical innovation:


1. Suitable for drying / cooling of various paste, powder, granular and other materials.

2. Suitable for continuous/intermittent operation, simultaneous drying/cooling of wet materials and material transportation.

3. The heat transfer efficiency is greatly improved by the partial stirring, mixing and self-cleaning action of the paddle, and the drying quality of the material is stable.

4. Small exhaust and the exhaust gas can be completely eliminated.

5. Can realize the drying and cooling combined together.

Process flow chart: 

Successful cases: 

No.Company NameCapacityProduction TimeMaterial
1Jinlong Copper Co., Ltd.2t/hMarch, 2009Anode mud
2Xiangguang Copper Co., Ltd.3t/hDecember, 2012Anode mud



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