Internal heated fluidized bed drying and cooling for salt industry



The refined salt internal heated fluidized bed dryer developed by our company not only improves the drying depth, prevents the agglomeration of materials during long-term storage and increases the stability of iodine, but also reduces energy consumption. Its special internal tubular heat exchanger greatly improves the thermal efficiency and drying strength of the dryer.

Technical innovation:


1. High energy-saving and efficient, the saturated steam consumption per ton of salt is 55-65kg.

2. Drying and cooling integrated, the equipment has small size, the system occupys small area, and the investment is low.

3. Upgraded version of three-layers air distribution board structure

4.Two-stage of dust removal, standard emission.

5. High degree of automation, stable operation.

Process flow chart: 

Successful cases:

No.Company NameScale
1Jiangxi Jinghao Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.
2Hunan Xiangheng Salt Mine55t dry salt/h
3Yunyang Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.0.6 million tons/year vacuum salt production
4China Salt Dongxing Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.≥56 t/h
5Jiangsu Jingshen Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.
6Inner Mongolia Lantai Industrial Co., Ltd.20 t/h