Sludge flue gas rotary drying and blending combustion


The temperature of the boiler flue gas after denitration by SCR method is above 300 °C, and the low oxygen content ensures the safe and reliable sludge drying process. At the same time, the drying temperature is moderate to avoid the formation of dioxins and reduce the volatilization of foul gas during the drying process.

The technology introduces part of the boiler flue gas into the sludge drying machine through the air-inducing system, and the sludge is directly contacted with the flue gas in the drying machine to be quickly dehydrated, and finally the exhaust gas is initially dusted and enters the boiler air supply system to enter the furnace for high temperature incineration or directly into the boiler's flue gas aftertreatment system.

After the sludge is dried, it enters the boiler as fuel and burns with the coal in the power plant for combustion. The fly ash of the combustion product can be used as building material to realize the maximum reduction, harmlessness and resource treatment of the sludge.



Technology innovation:

1. Reduce investment, low treatment cost;

2. The system runs safely and continuously, with no uncontrollable risk;

3. The processing capacity of single machine is large, and the maximum processing capacity can reach 260 tons/day(80% aquiferous municipal sludge);

4. It has good applicability to sludge, can achieve semi-drying and full drying of 50%-90% aquiferous sludge;

5. There is no waste discharge in the sludge treatment process. The dried sludge is put into a high-temperature furnace and incinerated and disposed harmlessly. After drying the tail gas enters the furnace for incineration or is processed into the boiler flue gas disposal system of the power plant afterdeodorization, and the production process has no waste water production; 

6. Minimize the volume and weight of the sludge, kill the pathogens in the sludge, and cure the heavy metals of the sludge to the maximum extent, and obtain the heat in the sludge to realize resource utilization;

7. The equipment occupies small space and is easy for construction;

8. The device has less vulnerable parts and low maintenance cost.


Process flow chart:

Successful cases:

Successful casesCompany NameScale
1 Shandong Huaneng Laiwu Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 330t/D Coupling power generation municipal sludge drying demonstration project 
2 Huadian Weifang Power Generation Co., Ltd. 400t/D sludge drying demonstration project 
3 Shandong Wanxing Group 200t/D Paper making and municipal sludge drying treatment project 
4Shandong Nimei Technology Co., Ltd.200t/D Paper making and municipal sludge drying treatment project 



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