Potassium salt fluidized bed drying



This device uses a fluidized bed dryer with internal heat exchanger as the drying host. The drying and cooling of the potassium salt particles are carried out in the same equipment. It is specially designed according to the characteristics of potassium salt. The heat/cold required for the drying/cooling of the material is provided by the internal tubular heat exchanger together with the hot and cold air. It has the characteristics of good system operation continuity, high thermal efficiency, good stability, low product moisture and stable quality.

Technical innovation:

1. The drying system has strong applicability to materials, long operating cycle, and is not easy to “dead bed”.

2. The system energy saving effect is obvious.

3. The system has fully considered the factors of fluctuation in feed volume and the appropriate design margin for the drying capacity to ensure continuous and stable production even when the feedstock fluctuates.

4. It adopts two-stage dust removal, one-stage cyclone dust collector, two-stage water washing dust removal, has good dust removal effect and can reach exhaust gas emission standard.

Process flow chart:

Successful cases:

Successful casesCompany Name Scale
1Sichuan Migao Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd.10t/h Potassium nitrate drying 
2Yunnan Oroham Fertilizer12t/h Potassium nitrate drying 
3Sichuan Tianji Company3t/h Potassium nitrate drying, 2 sets
4Tianjin Haina Company 2t/h Potassium nitrate drying, 2 sets



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