Complete Production Technology for Biological Fermentation Products



Our company provides complete sets of production technology and engineering services for bio-fermentation products for domestic and foreign biochemical companies, including the comprehensive utilization of heat, water and energy-saving technologies for the entire factory. The main products include corn starch, threonine, lysine, tryptophan, bacterial protein, etc. Our company has mature performance in the biochemical industry and provides related engineering services for many domestic and foreign companies. We have a complete team which is mainly composed of experts in the biochemical industry and has rich experience. We provide a comprehensive range from the collection of design parameters, process optimization and equipment selection, engineering design, engineering construction site guidance and supervision, engineering completion acceptance and engineering commissioning. 

Technology Innovation:

1. Specialization and customization of production technology routes and engineering services.

2. Reasonable selection of production equipment, optimized configuration, low overall investment.

3. High comprehensive utilization of resources, energy saving and emission reduction, low production and operation costs. 

Process Flow Chart:


Successful Cases:

No.Company NameProject Name
1 Xinjiang XXX Biochemical Company7000 tons/year tryptophan project
2Jilin XXX Biochemical Company100,000 tons/year lysine hydrochloride and 10,000 tons/year bacterial protein  project
3Jilin XXX Biochemical Company100,000 tons/year lysine hydrochloride and 50,000 tons/year lysine sulfate project
4Songyuan XXX Biochemical Company2000 tons/year tryptophan project
5Dehui XXX Biochemical Company30,000 tons/year threonine project
6Jilin Jurun Biotechnology100,000 tons/year soybean protein peptide project
7Shijiazhuang Huaying United Glucose Factory30,000 tons/year lysine project
8Jilin XXX Biochemical Company80,000 tons/year lysine project
9Ningxia Yipin Biological Technology30,000 tons/year lysine 



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