Drying and cooling for mirabilite



The mirabilite internal heated fluidized bed dryer developed by our company not only improves the drying depth, but also reduces the energy consumption. Its special internal tubular heat exchanger greatly improves the thermal efficiency and drying strength of the dryer, with stable operation and flexible operation and easy to maintain. After the practice of many enterprises, it has reduced the operating cost and enhanced the competitiveness of the enterprise.


Technical innovation:

1. High thermal efficiency, continuous production.

2. The system output is large, stable operation.

3. High degree of automation, simple operation.

4. Upgraded version of three-layers air distribution board structure

5. Two-stage of dust removal, standard emission. 

Process flow chart: 

Successful cases: 

Successful casesCompany NameScale
1Sichuan Chuangmei Mirabilite1million tons/year Mirabilite drying
2Jiangsu Baimei Chemical Co., Ltd.0.4 million tons/year Mirabilite drying
3Jiangsu Jiayuan Yuanming powder0.4 million tons/year Mirabilite drying
4Hunan Xiangheng Salt Mine0.15 million tons/year Mirabilite drying
5Shanghai Pacific Chemical0.15 million tons/year Mirabilite drying
6Beijing Pulte Chemical Co., Ltd.0.12 million tons/year Mirabilite drying
7Jiangsu Jingshen Salt Industry Co., Ltd.0.1 million tons/year Mirabilite drying
8Hubei Bluesky Salt0.08 million tons/year Mirabilite drying



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