Molecular sieve rotary calcination


Rotary calciner is a high-temperature processing equipment modified on the basis of traditional rotary cylinder dryer by changing the form of its heat source. The material enters the furnace through the kiln head feeder, and an arc-shaped heating device (stacked kiln body) is added outside the middle portion of the cylinder. The furnace is equipped with a fuel burner or an electric heating element, and the flame of the burner or current of the electric heating element is adjusted by an automatic control system to control the temperature of the furnace so that the material is calcined at a certain temperature, and the calcination time can be controlled by adjusting the rotation speed of the furnace. The treated material is discharged from the lower end by the inclination of the cylinder.  

Technical innovation:

1. The equipment has compact structure, small size, light weight and long kiln life.

2. Gas combustion is sufficient, heat transfer efficiency is high, heat preservation performance is good, and heat consumption is low.

3.Automatic temperature control, segmentation setting, over temperature alarm, long kiln lining life.

4.Good sealing effect is, reducing material loss and heat loss.

5. High operating rate, stable operation and high degree of automation.

6. Low operating intensity, good operating environment and low environmental pollution.

7. The high-temperature flue gas generated during the roasting process can be recycled as heat source for the drying system, which can reduce the energy consumption of the drying process by more than 80%, thereby achieving the purpose of fully utilizing heat, saving energy and reducing consumption.

Process flow chart:

Successful cases:

No.Company NameEquipmentSpecificationQTY.
1 Qingdao Huicheng Petrochemical Technology Co., Ltd. Molecular sieve rotary calcination system Φ1400×240001set



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