Mineral powder steam rotary drying


1~2 million tons/year mineral powder drying system adopts advanced loop steam rotary dryer, suitable for copper fine powder, tungsten concentrate, ilmenite, molybdenum fine powder, nickel fine powder, lead-zinc ore, pyritic ore, high-titanium slag, silica sand, gold slag and other abrasive materials, with characteristics of stable system operation, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Technical innovation:

1. Easy to operate, adopting DCS distributed control system. Realize the detection, alarm, control, interlocking and other functions of chemical production parameters.

2. Large heat transfer area and high thermal efficiency, up to 80%~90%.

3. Large processing capacity, large operation flexibility, suitable for continuous operation, and low operating cost.

4. The equipment is stable in operation, easy to overhaul and maintain, and low in cost.

5. Environment friendly, the gas is only used as a carrier gas to carry away the volatile components, the gas consumption is small, and the dust recovery equipment is simple.

Process flow chart: 

Successful cases:

No.Company NameCapacityMaterial
1Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Co., Ltd.200t/hCopper fine powder
2Anhui Jinlong Copper Industry Co., Ltd.180t/hCopper fine powder
3Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Co., Ltd.170t/hCopper fine powder
4Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metallurgy Group2t/hSilica sand 
5Songyuan Gold Smelting Co., Ltd.11t/hGold slag
6Chifeng Yuntong Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.100t/hCopper fine powder
7Anhui Jinlong Copper Industry Co., Ltd. 180t/hCopper fine powder
8Jiangtong Lead Zinc Metal Co., Ltd.70t/hCopper fine powder
9Chalco Southeast Copper Co., Ltd.180t/hCopper fine powder



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